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Welcome to Inspiresouls e.V.

Welcome to Inspiresouls e.V.

We create room for inspiration.

In a nutshell!

Our Goal

We create space for inspiration in existing educational systems.
Currently, we are active in Rwanda. Many children in Rwanda drop out of school because many families cannot afford schooling and the children start working. Our goal is to support children financially and ideally and to enable inspiring education.

How we support children in Rwanda

Our Projects

Project Enableschool

Financial support to attend school

We enable ten children of our partner school St. Famille School in the capital Kigali in Rwanda to attend school. By paying the school fees, the children are able to continue attending school.

Project Inspirekids

Ideal mentorship support

We foster mentorships between the ten children and students from local universities. The mentors inspire the children beyond school, and family backgrounds to identify and pursue their life goals.

Wie Du Kinder in Ruanda unterstützen kannst

Become a project sponsor!

Project Enableschool

…you enable a child to attend school.

Project Inspirekids

…a child will be inspired by a mentor.

Who we are

Our Team

We are 9 founding members from Rwanda, Kenya, Malawi and Germany and we are united by our vision to create space for inspiration.

Contact us via e-mail:

Because education is important

...we enable children in Rwanda to access school education.