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What we do specifically

Our Projects


Project 1 Enableschool

Financial support to attend school

We enable 10 children of our sponsor school St. Famille School in the capital Kigali in Rwanda to attend school. By paying the school fees, the children are able to continue attending school.

Project 2 Inspirekids

Ideal support through mentorships

We foster mentorships between the 10 children and students from local universities. The mentors inspire the children across school, and family backgrounds to identify and pursue their life goals.


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Project 1 Enableschool

For 9 Euro per month you enable a child to attend school.

Project 2 Inspirekids

For 10 euros a month, a child is inspired by a mentor.

What the initial situation is like

Project background in Rwanda

In Rwanda, almost all children attend compulsory elementary school, but many children drop out and only 71% continue to secondary school. The reason for this is that many children start working in elementary school to help finance their families. Parents often cannot afford the higher school fees of secondary school.

Project Enableschool

The school fees at our sponsor school amount to about 27 Euros per term (3 months), i.e. 9 Euros per month per child. The school fees are paid at the beginning of the term and transferred directly to the school. The school fees are used to pay for daily meals for the children as well as for the lessons.

Project Inspirekids

Our 5 mentors each look after two children per week through 1-2 hours of tutoring and vocational training. The mentors receive an allowance of 20 euros per month for mentoring 2 children. Once a month there will be an event for mentors and mentees. If materials are needed, we are happy to sponsor them as well.

All parties benefit

Win-Win-Win Situation


The partner school is supported in its motivation to be able to teach as many children as possible. They gain financial security and stability to successfully continue the school’s operations.


The companies promote the interest and practical training of the next generation in their industry. In addition, the companies benefit from our students and mentors network.

Students and Pupils

Pupils in schools have the opportunity to be supported in identifying and pursuing their goals through the mentoring programs. Students gain work experience and are able to network with our partner companies.

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We are happy about any support

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