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How a cooperation can look like


Cooperation opportunities

Own projects

Together we can plan and implement projects to bring more inspiration to your school. Depending on the needs of the school, the students and the region, we can plan, create and implement projects that bring real added value.

Rwanda projects

Together with our partner schools, we can organize fundraising runs, waffle sales and letter-writing partnerships that promote and enrich our two projects in Rwanda. Your school can actively support us in the implementation of our projects.

Become a partner school or get rid of idea?

First Chairwoman of the board

Cooperate to make good things happen

Feel free to write us a message without obligation and we can plan a possible cooperation together. We are happy about any initiative via our contact form or by e-mail to:
  [email protected]

Wir schaffen Raum für Inspiration.

Weil Inspiration wichtig ist.